NaxxDrop覚書-Arcahnid Quarter


Deflection Band(Ring def/dodge/hit)

Ravaging Sabatons(Boots Crit/haste WatT7)
Collar of Dissolution(Neck hit/exp/ap)

Chivalric Chestguard(Chest crit/haste/sp)
Band of Neglected Pleas(Ring crit/sp/mp5)

Grand Widow Faerlina

Gauntlets of the Master (Glove def/dodge/hit)

Bracers of Lost Sentiments (Bracer hit/exp)

Frostblight Pauldrons (Shoulder haste/sp/mp5)
Grieving Spellblade (1HSword crit/haste/sp)


Cloak of Armed Strife (Cloak Def/hit)

Wraith Spear (Polearm crit/haste/ap)

Web Cocoon Grips (Glove haste/sp/mp5)
Aegis of Damnation (Shield crit/haste/sp)
Pendant of Lost Vocations (Neck haste/sp/mp5)
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